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My Story

Hi you! Nice to meet you all. my name is Danielle, and I'm the owner of Nav notebooks. I’m a designer and illustrator located in Israel, I studied visual communication for 4 years, at Shenkar college which is an academy for art and design. All my life I was looking after beautiful things and how to make my life happy and colorful. My biggest love is stationary and print of course, and every time that I’m traveling to another country I bring at least 10 new notebooks with me so I have a crazy collection! My designs are inspired by nature and bunnies.


In 2015 I met Dvir, (today he is my husband) and I met his amazing Bunny Nav. Nav was the most amazing bunny I ever saw, and I was totally in love with him! 3 years later, I decided to combine 2 of my biggest passions: stationery, and bunnies. So I established this brand, and I called it after our beloved one, Nav, that was our biggest love then and now.

Nav's Story

Nav was born in the beautiful landscapes of the Upper Galilee region in the North of Israel, In Kibbutz Ayelet Hashahar. Dvir took him from a petting zoo when he was 1 month old and immediately fell in love with this amazing creature. Nav loved hopping around in the garden and enjoyed eating lettuce and coriander. when he came to me he always licked my hand and showed me how much he loved me. He made our life amazing and beautiful and his name keeps doing amazing things around the world.

Nav Passed away 2 years ago and I’ve decided to donate 10% of the brand profit to Bunnie's rescue shelters.

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